Saturday, March 29, 2008

Performing Intent

I want to sing landscapes in your mind
stark and serene as a Chinese water colour,
the grey green and white of rocks trees and clouds,
I want to give you a melody quick and deep as a Japanese Haiku
dances you through the seasons, Cherry blossoms to snow,
I want to play rhythms in your belly that move your hands and hips,
to tell stories wrapped in colours of Indian sarees and mendhi,
I want to sing the prayers that call you to Middle East temples,
to feel the cool mosaic tiles against your forehead
and the curling desert heat at your back,
I want to sing you into sweatlodge with the Ancients,
dance you to the heat in your own heart,
dance you to the stillness of the stone circles
on Turtle Island and gentle English hillsides,
I want to take you on a sentimental journey
over the white cliffs of Dover,
let you throw the colours of Holi and
prepare tea as a blessing,
take you to the Sock-hop or the Star Nation
I wanna take you higher,
tribal fires, open water, mid-air and down to earth,
lift you from your seat, adjust your heartbeat and
call you safely home to yourself,
I want to sing of manners and magic
for I know no other home than thee and me,
Creator between us, the Love
our creation.

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