Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Anna Willo

Walking The Wheel Mandala

For My Sisters Who Fight

An homage to all the incredibly strong women I have known who have fought Breast Cancer with grace and dignity. It's dedicated to my sister Mo, Anne and Jane.

Butterfly Eye

Willow Pond Mandala

Monday, April 14, 2008

When Christ & Mohammed Meet

When Christ and
Mohammed meet
they greet one another
as loving brothers
why can't we do the same
must it be Crusades
in their name for
more accursed gain

They both speak of Love
and what we're made of
choices and voices
and reason
rejoicing and fasting
in season
intent and service
and freedom

They both shed tears
over follies and fears
man's inhumanity
to man
human calamity
to land
buried oil in a sea
of sand

When Christ and
Mohammed meet
they take their seats
as prophets of peace
and greet one another
as loving brothers
why can't we do the same
end the Crusades
in their name for
some accursed gain

Then we will meet
and greet one another
as sisters and brothers
in Christ and
Mohammed's name
and cleanse the
bloody stain
from the cross
from the crescent moon
dragonflies land on
the soldiers tomb
and its shadow lifts
from a maiden's womb

On The Wind

I am no cultivated flower
no product nor progeny
of home soil
no homecoming queen
nor conquering hero
by lines made in sand
nations of the moment

my seed was born wild and
carried on the wind
sprouted crossing seas and
storms of intimate darkness
roots reaching somewhere
just beyond the moment
somewhere between the atoms

I will touch lightly the lands
I light upon
rest sweetly a moment on the
breast of the mother
seeking all my days her
secret and sacred spaces

to birth myself again and again
until my robes shred and
fly on the wind like the
fading coloured prayer flags
on a distant high plateau

Of Balance and Sweet Mystery

Grandmother Grandmother my heart is your drum
in seasons that have passed and in seasons to come
Grandmother Grandmother unbraid my hair
bathe me in sweetgrass be with me in prayer
Grandmother Grandmother wash me in light
wrap me in mystery's indigo night
Grandmother Grandmother take me to your breast
feed me your wisdom and comfort my quest

Grandaughter Grandaughter your heart is my drum
in past times of being and times yet to come
Grandaughter Grandaughter let me comb your hair
light up the sage, let me wrap you in prayer
sweet mystery there
the depth a woman shares

Grandfather Grandfather my hands are your fire
trusting and dancing are all that's required
Grandfather Grandfather I braid back my hair
and set to the work we humans all share
Grandfather Grandfather help me today
among my relations I touch on the way
Grandfather Grandfather walk by my side
in rhythm with my heart and the ocean's tide

Grandaughter Grandaughter your hands are my fire
open and ready to do what's required
Grandaughter Grandaughter walk here by me
we'll share the stories, the ones yet to be
sweet mystery
the distance a man can see

In the distant depths of my chemical sea
Grandmother, Grandfather
the God that made me
when I need counsel
the balance I see
is to walk beside Him and
sit next to She
when I need counsel
the balance I see
is to walk beside Him and
sit next to She