Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For My Sisters Who Fight

An homage to all the incredibly strong women I have known who have fought Breast Cancer with grace and dignity. It's dedicated to my sister Mo, Anne and Jane.


Kim Thompson said...

This is powerful!

Lorraine Hart said...

My sister, Mo (just passed her five year 'all clear' exam...yay!) would use this picture to meditate on, when she was having her radiation treatment.

People came together in a powerful way and made incredible strides in the treatment of breast cancer. Unfortunately, too late for my best friend, Anne, who died in '91.

I miss her as if it was just yesterday. I've been an emotional bag o' guts lately because her son and his wife just had a wee baby girl...Grace Anne...on March 25th.

Kim Thompson said...

Oh wow.

You know, I wonder as a tribute to Anne, if this piece could be crafted in mosaic with colored stone, rock, beads, or a combo of those materials? Reason I say this, it would be a lovely monument, perhaps a in a pretty quiet or reflective place in the garden.

Have you met Grace Anne yet? I'll bet holding that baby would be such a salve.