Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walking The Wheel Mandala


Kim Thompson said...

You know, I am clicking on the read more icon and I am not seeing anything?

This art is so cool! What are the inspirations for the pieces? Materials?

Lorraine Hart said...

You know, ever since I did that "Read More" thingie on the one post...every other post has the "Read More" on it. I'm not understanding the Blogspot instructions!

I still have to post the writing that comes along with this (also had trouble with copying and pasting when I first tried this) picture, done first in pencil and then magic markers. I'm going to try and post again...stay tuned.

The Medicine Wheel Mandalas are all from meditations.

Kim Thompson said...

I think this drawing should be the cover of your poetry book/collection. It's perfect.